Factors that hinder development


Whatsoever, the African leaders try to do in order to develop their countries, things always tend to turn around and people become victims of the whole system.

However, development doesn’t mean to victimize people but, it should bring comfort to the nation.


We appreciate the efforts that our leaders are applying towards development and all they need is support from the public.

We should work hand in hand with the government to achieve our goals. However, all I can see is that  out of the whole population in Africa only less than a quarter number of the people are at formal employments, quarter are the peasant farmers and the large number of people in Africa including Old people, women, men and children are not doing anything.

This situation retards development because many people still need help from others every day, but do not find and do you expect poverty to come to an end?

Nevertheless, poverty can only be reduced by having a situation where three quarters of the people in the country are working and get paid monthly. This could be either working in the Government, farms, companies, factories and industries. We need to see young men working, be supportive to their families or when they do business should succeed and be able to employ others.  


War has brought confusion, diseases, child headed families, hunger and starvation among our families in African countries and everywhere in the world.

This is due to the fact that relationships among  people has been removed from them many years ago. villages in some countries are not properly linked and causes confusion and misunderstands because proper link formulates a feeling of togetherness which develops into unity and support mercy treatment to one another.

The fact is that,  we leave far apart from one and the other especially in the rural areas, such that our relationships are being cut in two finally quarrels easily image on simple matters.


Another fact is, Africans produce goods of less or equal quality compared to outside products but, very expensive to buy, people can not afford to buy them,  so the producers suffer mass losses and finally shuts down their companies.

Lets create an environment of good business, or preparing ourselves to use new things that will improve our production quality and quantities. If see the value of some commodities that come from outside we can make our even more superior that can outstand them, with good prices we win our people from poverty and disease such as HIV/AIDS.

By so doing we will be able to produce more goods depending on its demand on the market and learn that a commodity can only be on higher demand if it is nicely manufactured and well priced.

If we are able to make valuable products then we will be able to advertise them internationally  so that people from Asia should come for orders here in Africa. Many countries do not export their products because of their poor qualities and higher prices. Its like we do not see or understand the measure value of our products.


Here are some of the tips for development that have been presented in a simple and straight forward ways.

As you all know that the parliament is not made of a single person but, with a group of ministers and the Republican president of any country. whenever they want to amend or implement a constitution, they always meet in the parliament.

The Ministers holding the most high positions or sensitive ministries leave in the capital city closer to the President or in a town area for easy communication.

This is the same happening to any national football Team when making preparation for a tournament they always come in a camp for the best performance.

Do you agree with me on these facts?

Right, this is not your set up, don’t lie to people about these facts. “Its NATURE” believe me. 

How could you work as a team when you stay miles away from the main Team you operate with?


Free tip from the bible

Jesus feeds a great crowd

Jesus feeds a great crowd of people who followed him when He was performing miracles. They only had five loaves of barley bread and two fish. Then Jesus asked the people to be in groups of fifty people per group. Thereafter He prayed for the food and gave it to the people. They eat and twelve baskets where filled with food which was left.

You may read John 6:1-13

Well, here the principle is being in groups. It becomes very much easier to distribute anything to the people when they are in groups.

We all know about this story very well and the setup of this miracle has rely helped many families today. Families that have followed this principle are strong and united but, those who have ignored this have fallen apart and are weak families with no respect at all.

Believe me on this,  if you are 10 members of the family feeding from a single plate, [this is common in the African families].  If you will try not to feed at the same time with others, one or two will miss out a meal that day. It is not that those who came earlier got bigger shares but, this is just nature.

The thing is that, you have turned against the principle by not coming for a meal at the same time with others,  so nature will turn against you and make you miss your meal of that day for sure.


Here is another shadow of life that we have knowledge of escaping but, ignoring it.  


How would you contradict to this fact below? 

Here is a class of students at a certain school of academy. These Students are supposed to attend a lesson at 10:00 to 12:00 hours every Friday of the week and their lecturer is suppose to visit them at this stated time for the lesson. 

However, students decided not to go in the class for that lesson but, the lecturer must follow them up in their various homes they stay, and they agreed with the lecturer to pay him any amount of money he needed for that exercise. Nevertheless, each one of the student wanted to have that lesson for not less than two hours as time tabled.


Guess, how many students were reached with the lesson?

You are absolutely right, if you said ‘’ONE STUDENT”


This is another fact of nature that we cannot contradict, otherwise!
Just like the president and the ministers of any nation have to leave in a reasonable distance from one another for several reasons So, it is for the students in a class and one of the reasons being the fact that it becomes much easier to coordinate for any emergency.

In conclusion, villages have to be RE-arranged in a special way to support any GOOD new thing that comes, e.g. new developments, latest information to mention but few.

Well, if these examples of real life situations enough for the wise then let us make orders now!

In fact, this money will not go in our pockets, it will be used to feed orphans and vulnerable children  that we currently deal with and, in future. The project is targeting to feed over 10 000 children in the country by  the end of 2010.












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